Feb 28, 2011

Buried Alive For You!!

Don't search for me,
don't look around,
don't bother calling my name,
I won't be found...
For gone I am now,
and gone are the days,
when I'd sparkle your dark sky,
in my subtle moony ways...
But the light was dim;
it was almost gentle grey....
It couldn't vanquish the dark,
as it came from so far way....
Now a new morn has begun,
the horizon has brought a new sun along...
A new light is shimmering;
sounding is a merry new day song....
With the sky in its deserving glow,
it was time for the moon to go,
for it has lost its visibility now,
neither is it needed anymore....
Don't search for me,
don't look around,
don't bother calling my name,
I won't be found...
Don't cry for my pain,
I can live with it, I'll survive...
I am not dead, believe me,
I've just buried myself alive…
I've even hid my grave,
for you might dig out for me…
But exposed if I am to the sun,
set on fire I might soon be....
I am not afraid of sustaining burns,
what scares me is the thought of burning sky…
Let me sleep till the wake of night,
don't ask me where, don't ask me why...
I'll be out on my own,
when you'll need to call on me,
when darkness falls again,
which I wish never happens to be...
Don't search for me,
don't look around,
please don't call my name,
I don't want to be found...
Please don't make it any harder,
it’s already hard enough for me...
My soul aches for the pain I bring to you,
but it’s the least painful way I can see...
My heart will always beat for you,
for giving me the strength to shine...
I'll be yours forever to claim;
though I know you may never be mine...
Slept in my coffin I lie,
dreaming of a beautiful life for you...
Leave me to my wonderland,
while you keep my dream alive and true!!

Feb 23, 2011

Who am I

The code is getting darker and murkier,
I was meant to be a Polymorphic one,
The designer made a metamorphic one,
The programmer developed an E.P.O.
I tried to mutate morph, spread and multiply,
I Encrypted my soul with a different key each time,
I pretended decryption routines,
I inserted and removed garbage instructions.
I switched op codes  & replaced entire logic blocks,
I patched function prologues& redirected control flows,
They said, I was in the wild,
They caught me, abused me, insulted me and disgraced me.
They could never crack my code,
So they put me in a "ZOO" and gave me a name "Crazy Hax0r"

Feb 14, 2011

What is LOVE?

A heart in mind....
A word in hand....
I write this poem....
In all errands....

A feeling so true....
 Like flowers and its bloom....
If this was Love....
I'd bet it was you....

The purity of a heart....
The beauty of a rose....
The dream of a soul....
Is what makes a thing called 'Love'....?

As I walk along the night....
And I see the stars so bright....
I wish I had you in sight....
And we would fly like a kite....

I know now what Love is....
It is you....
It is me....
It is the purity of our souls....
And the Love that is it....

Feb 13, 2011

Valentine Special - Part 2

50 most romantic things to do with your Girlfriend/Boyfriend- Part2

26. Dance together.
27. Let your girl fall asleep with her head in your lap.
(It looks real cute)
28. Do cute things like write I love you in a note so that they have to look in a mirror to read it.
29. Make excuses calling them every 5 minutes
30. Even if you are really busy doing something, go out of your way to call and say I love you.
31. Call from your vacation spot to tell them you were thinking about them.
32. Remember your dreams and tell her about them.
33. Always tell her how pretty she looks.
34. Tell each other your most sacred secrets/fears.
35. Be Prince Charming to her parents (Brownie Points)
36. Brush her hair out of her face for her.
37. Hang out with his/her friends (more brownie points)
38. Go to church/pray/ worship together.
39. Take her to see a romantic movie and remember the parts she liked.
40. Learn from each other and don't make the same mistake twice.
41. Describe the joy you feel just to be with him/her.
42. Make sacrifices for each other.
43. Really love each other, or don't stay together.
44. Let there never be a second during any given day that you aren't thinking about them, and make sure they know it.
45. Love yourself before you love anyone else.
46. Learn to say sweet things in foreign languages.
47. Dedicate songs to them on the radio.
48. Fall asleep on the phone with each other.
49. Stand up for them when someone talks trash.
50. Never forget the kiss goodnight. And always remember to say,
"Sweet dreams."

Feb 11, 2011

Valentine Special - Part 1

50 most romantic things to do with your Girlfriend/Boyfriend- Part1

1. Watch the sunset together.
2. Whisper to each other.
3. Cook for each other.
4. Walk in the rain.
5. Hold hands.
6. Buy gifts for each other.
7. Roses.
8. Find out their favorite cologne/perfume and wear it every time You’re together.
9. Go for a long walk down the beach at midnight.
10. Write poetry for each other
11. Hugs are the universal medicine.
12. Say I love you, only when you mean it and make sure they know you mean it.
13. Give random gifts of flowers/candy/ poetry etc.
14. Tell her that she's the only girl you ever want. Do not lie.
15. Spend every second possible together.
16. Look into each other's eyes.
17. Very lightly push up her chin, look into her eyes, and tell her you love her, and kiss her lightly.
18. When in public, don't flirt with each other.
19. Put love notes in their pockets when they aren't looking.
20. Buy her a ring.
21. Sing to each other.
22. Always hold her around her hips/sides.
23. Take her to dinner and do the dinner for two deals.
24. Spaghetti? (Ever see Lady and the Tramp?)
To be continued.......
25. Hold her hand, stare into her eyes, kiss her hand and then put it over your heart.

Jan 21, 2011

Journey Of My Life

Time to introspect…...
Happiness is like a breath of fresh air that touches me for a moment and fades away…...
Leaving behind memories to cling on,
Feeling loneliness and rejection.
The sweet sensation that had enthralled me gradually fading away,
To seclusion, I see my life drifting away.
A life without any charm or substance…...
Am not liking this place anymore,
I’m going to get out of here for sure.
Still searching for a better tomorrow…...
Many more miles to walk,
Many more valleys to cross,
The road I know is unending and long…...
Carrying with me the burden of my memories and sorrows,
Feeling insanely lost and forlorn.
Am tired and need to rest,
Don’t know when I’m going to find my nest…...